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Acorn Manufacturing

For three quarters a century, authenticity and function have been our mission in producing the highest quality forged hardware and accessories. Founded in 1937, a third generation family-owned business is today the finest and largest manufacturer and distributor of forged iron builders hardware in the United States. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, timely delivery and the most knowledgeable and courteous customer service. - 2829

Atlantic Premium Shutters

Atlantic Premium Shutters offer the most refined and durable shutters in the industry. With detailed, bold dimension and dynamic colors, our shutters complement discerning homes of all styles, from eclectic new construction to historic gems more than a century old. - 2828,2829

Basic Brass Builders

Here at Basic Builders Brass, we specialize in many different types of Hardware, for both residential and commercial products. We offer a large variety of Door Locks, Door Hinges, and Shutters. Overall our purpose is to provide our clientele with 100% satisfaction, along with a friendly experience. - 2829


Emtek® is dedicated to bringing interesting, well made hardware back into American homes. Until about 1930 there was a proud history of hardware in America. Hundreds of small factories made an enormous variety of creatively designed products. Craftsmen from many disciplines devoted their energies to making locks that provided both function and beauty. - 2829


For over a half century the Fitts name has been associated with quality in the woodworking industry. Founded in 1947, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Frank Fitts, Jr., initiated a standard of fine craftsmanship and quality service as a manufacturer of precision wood components. His talents as a wood smith and his dedication to principle become a strong foundation for what Fitts Industries, Inc. has become today. - 2829


Started in 1969 in Baltimore, Maryland, Fypon produced moulded urethane millwork products for the building industry in several Pennsylvania facilities. The company worked steadily for 35 years to develop molded urethane products and educate the marketplace on the merits of polyurethane pieces. Through hard work and exceptional marketing efforts, Fypon built itself into the recognized brand name leader in the urethane millwork industry. - 2829